History Workshop

It can often be hard to make History capture the imaginations of many children. Twizzle can help to create a more interactive, fun and challenging way to learn about your chosen historical period.

Twizzle History workshops are incredibly popular - they provide an exciting way for children to learn about the past.

We offer workshops for many different historical periods, from the Ancient Egyptians to Shakespearean England to the First and Second World Wars.

Meet the Royal Executioner and the King's wife, as they introduce the King they loyally serve, Henry VIII.
What was it that made this Tudor King tick, and why did he have so many wives?
Enjoy the journey of discovery through the highs and lows of Tudor times as you are invited to see what life was really like.
The differences between wealthy and poor may have been great, but when it came to punishment for crime there was no easy escape!

To learn about the full range of historical workshops on offer call the Twizzle office on 020 8392 0860. We guarantee your students will love our fun-packed, interactive historical day.

Why come along: 
Students learn about historical events in a captivating way
Higher level of involvement for the students
Teach that history can be interesting and fun!
Workshop Reference: 
Age Group: 
Ages 7-10 (KS2) Primary
11-13 (KS3) Secondary
Ages 14-16 (KS4) Secondary
On request
1 day
Your School
Workshop Cost: 
On consultation
We run workshops of this type all year round. Be sure to contact our office team either by phone or using our web form