Anti-Bullying Workshop

This workshop helps children creatively explore issues surrounding bullying, centred around a positive action framework and including strategies for empowerment.

Bullying can be a difficult situation in any school or community environment, so Twizzle has put together a creative and interactive workshop which addresses the issues surrounding the subject.

We know that some children often bottle up their feelings and keep problems to themselves, whilst others seek a more aggressive release. The actors use humour as well as role-play and discussion to tackle the issues head on, with an emphasis on positive action.

Anti-bullying workshops are best carried out on location, whether that is a school, community centre, leisure centre or anywhere else you feel it may benefit the children involved.

Why come along: 
Take positive action together
Demonstrate how children can empower themselves
Encourage a positive outlook
Workshop Reference: 
Age Group: 
Ages 5-7 (KS1) and 7-10 (KS2) Primary
Ages 11-13 (KS3) and 14-16 (KS4) Secondary
Ages 16-18 (KS5) Sixth Form/College
On request
1 day
Your School
Workshop Cost: 
On consultation
We run workshops of this type all year round. Be sure to contact our office team either by phone or using our web form